CONCEPT KOREA Fall/Winter 2020

Concept Korea, the government-sponsored fashion show aimed at helping eminent Korean designers to promote themselves outside Korea, returns to New York Fashion Week February 2020 with a narrowed focus on three talented designers: LIE, LEYII and IISE.

Concept Korea is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

[출처 : NYFW 공식 홈 ]

LIE​ is a modern women’s lifestyle brand that celebrates playful take on masculine-feminine duality. Combining signature tailoring with fabric combinations, LIE introduce elevated silhouettes that bridges bold colors and soft features in a dynamic yet romantic collection.

IISE,​ which translates to 2nd generation, is a brand dedicated to creating products with a street interpretation of Korean heritage. Each piece is made in Seoul, utilizing a combination of Korean fabrics, techniques, and a mix of modern and traditional design aesthetics. Using high quality materials and a focus on craftsmanship, we strive to create wardrobe staples with special characteristics that make each piece uniquely IISE.

LEYII​ is contemporary feminine and elegance design brand which emphasizes the feminine beauty in a creative way with natural draping that amplifies the beauty of every move and minimal yet unique design. ​

[출처 : NYFW 공식 홈 ]

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