Giorgio Armani Fall Winter 2020-2021

Women’s Fall Winter 2020-2021

In the world of Giorgio Armani, rigour meets affability. Thus the purity of the lines that envelop the body and accompany the gestures exalt the personality in its most intimate and true qualities. Masculine and feminine come together in a new balance, reaffirming the essence of a coherent and constantly evolving style. 
This season the comparison between his and her wardrobe takes place in an atmosphere muffled with soft romanticism. A vision of velvety and quivering rigor materializes on the touching notes of a revised classical music. 
The black velvet marks the movement and gives rhythm to it in fluid silhouettes with strong shoulders. [ 출처 : Giorgio Armani 공식 홈 ]

[ 출처 : Youtube Giorgio Armani 공식 채널 ]

다음페이지 : Men’s Fall Winter 2020-2021

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