Prada Fall/Winter 2020

Watch the #PradaFW20 Womenswear show by #MiucciaPrada live from Fondazione Prada Deposito.

Surreal Glamour

he Prada Fall/Winter 2020 collection is a consideration of the strength of women and an allusion to the inherent authority found in what is intrinsically feminine. The typical characteristics of femininity — softness, fragility and sensuality — are championed and challenged, reflecting in visual and rhetorical examples that are deliberately combined to contradict and attempt to propose new meaning.

[ 출처 ] YouTube PRADA 공식 채널

Delicacy can define strength. The clothes mirror the pluralism and complexity of female identities.  Vents, layered fringe and deconstructed pleats reveal skin and accentuate movement. 
Sport and glamour are combined to define new forms and functions.

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2020 PRADA Fall/Winter For Womenswear Show [ 더 살펴보기 ]

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